Gift Away Azreen Chan

If you read my February Challenge, I did wrote about Kak Azreen. I'm really a die hard fan *kipas susah mati* of her art work. From the Explore tote bag, to the sticker even post card. I love it so much, I used to save my pocket money to buy anything that she created. Usually, I would buy a sticker hand-cut by her. All hand made. Now she have this new die-cut sticker sheets. Walaupun selama ni beli dan simpan sayang nak guna, rasanya if I get this new sticker I would definitely use in my journal, yg sebelum ni buat collection then yg sticker ni buat tampal dalam journal. 

So, this is the link of the post she wrote on her blog about the sticker and gift away 

I don't have much crafter lover friends but I would tag Maryam Jamilah since Maryam pernah juga beli art work Kak Azreen.

It's okay even I don't get the sticker for free, I would definitely buy it once I have enough money hehehe. 


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