2017 : February Challenge #8

Day 08 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

08 February 2017 Write about someone that motivates or inspires you

Talk about motivation and inspiration, I personally thinks that everyone can be your motivation and inspiration. Everyone or everything I see can inspires and motivate me to be better person, as simple as bila aku nampak orang yang kutip sampah bukan sampah dia kat jalan aku akan termotivasi dan terinspirasi jadi seperti dia. A better version of myself. It can be my family also my great motivation. Or even my loved ones. But if you ask me this one person that really motivates and inspire me ialah Kak Azreen or Azreen Chan. I found her blog around 2013, since then I can say that I really motivates and inspires by her. I used to read her blog everyday. Now je dah jarang yela dulu kat sekolah everyday dapat internet akses free. Seronokla. I went to Art For Grabs and meet her in real life for the first time, lepastu ada dua tiga kali jumpa. Sekarang da jarang pergi event, but still following her on Instagram. I really like her doodles, her thoughts, seriously her art work is everywhere in my room. Doodle dia kemas okay. I write in English pun because I love to see her writing, before that I never have think I’m good enough to write in English. Her blog doodle-me.blogspot I think, just google Azreen Chan akan jumpa link to her blog. I love to see her travelling and exploring, I love to see her reviews on book, her pictures but most of all the doodles la. She’s not that popular macam orang lain maybe akan cakap Neelofa or Vivy Yusof, but me nahh. Kak Azreen is cool enough for me. *let see if I can find any pic with her, kalau ada aku post, If not. Nahh nvm. 


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