2017: February Challenge #3

Day 03 of February Challenge: Love Yourself

03 February 2017: Write about one personality trait that you love about yourself and why.

One personality trait: Extravert. Even sometimes orang akan cakap aku annoying, talkative, becok ke bising ke, but you know that one thing I love about being myself and one thing I surely know people will miss about me. I don’t care if people complaining about me laughing out loud. I am happy, zaman la ni menempuhi kedewasaan bukan mudah nak jadi happy. Kadang-kadang murung jaa. Jadi happy tu seronok lagi seronok bila buat orang lain happy. Few people yang baru kenal akan cakap aku annoying but they gonna love me once they know I am very good listener and I love to listen and share.  Share je pape, I’m delightful to hear. And that’s it. TTYL.


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