2017: February Challenge #20

Day 20 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

20 February 2017 Spend 15 minutes in silence focusing on one positive attribute of yourself. Write about it.

One positive attribute. Yes. Just right my lecturer just mention what actually positive vibes. The most positive thing I can see in myself is be happy. The moment people see you they feel happy. They feel happy being around you. I see a happier girl when she got out from her toxic relationship and meet a new guy. Whatever kind of guy or people you being around with should be that kind of person that makes you feel happy about yourself, make you love yourself more and make you want to be better for yourself. I just want to be happy, the best version of myself and if I look deeper. I actually loved by a lot of people, people like to talk to me, girls or boys, I build trust around people. And I really love being happy and pretty it’s like when I’m feeling good about myself people around me also feel good being around me.


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