2017: February Challenge #17

Day 17 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

17 February 2017 Exercise today. Write about how you felt before, during and after the workout.

So, actually I decided to go jogging around the lake nearby my house but something came up and I got to go to UKM. I just came back home at 1:30PM and I sleep afterwards. I didn’t remember what time I got up but that time I was really tired and feel sleepy and just not in the mood. Then, I realize it’s too late to go out and decided to just do the Fat Burn Workout that I used watched and do when I was in UKM in the process of getting fit. I rarely do it now because I’m too lazy. How I felt before the exercise, as I mentioned earlier. I feel tired and weak and lazy. During the workout I feel like my heart is pumped out, it’s been a long time and semput everywhere try to catch my breath. After workout, I feel happy and energetic. I don’t feel sleepy and slow as much. That is how you should feel after exercise or workout right. It’s good.  I hope I always be rajin to do this again haha.


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