2017 : February Challenge #16

Day 6 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

16 February 2017  Write a note to yourself that explains why you are fabulous! Promise to read it in 5 years.

Hye dearself. Did you know that you are fabulous? Yes you are. Why? Because you are smart girl, you are independent, you are optimist and ambitious. If you want something and when you put your mind into it you really can do it. You are pretty you know. You just need to be confident. People will love you once they know you. You are always loved and popular among your friend. You are known as very chatty person, even you look silly and little bit crazy and it’s annoying sometimes but that is the fun thing about being around you. You are very talented type of person. Inspiring. You are a lot fun than you realize, that is why you are fabulous. I promise I will read this in 5 years.


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