2017 : February Challenge #11

Day 11 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

11 February 2017 Write about a place you would go right now, if you could go anywhere in the world

I used to choose Edinburgh as a place that I would go if I ever had a chance to go there but now, if you asking right now I don’t have any specific place. I might choose a beach or an island. I want to hear the calming sound of the ocean, I want walk through the beach and let my toe feel the sand, I want to feel the air and the wind blowing around. I just want to see how amazing the ocean is, I just want to see the sky from there, I want to see cloud or even stars and the moon. Nak duduk pinggir pantai, biar kaki dibasahi ombak. Hanya untuk berasa tenang berdiri di tepi sebuah pantai. 


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