2017: February Challenge #1

This is my first post on February and 2017, I promise myself to blog and write as much as I can. Jadi, aku decide nak buat February Challenge: It's about loving myself. Well, February it's a love month. zI just google the challenge, ambil je mana berkenan, Next month mungkin gambar ke vlog ke. Idk but memang nak preoccupied dengan benda macam ni supaya tak murung dan berwawasan. Tak mudah kay nak tempuh zaman dewasa. Ini pun da lambat post. 

01 February 2017 : Write about yourself include physical characteristics.

I’m a very sentimental person yet I try to be positive and optimist. I like to plan things and I will freaked out if things didn’t follow as I planned. Okay la kalau unexpected things happen kalau da tak boleh kawal but if things happened memang sengaja diubah memang menguji kesabaran la. I can be moody all day. As a sentimental person, I love art and this is my right to brag. I am creative. I can be patient and unpatient at the same time. I love anything about art, drawing, writing even music. I like everything related to art. I tend to see things from different perspective. I love creative and weird things. I found value at certain things. I love reading so much since I was small. It’s like I’m losing at another world. Also I like watching movies or series. Anything that interest me and make me excited. Anything that makes me inspired. I’m an extrovert. I love talking so much, as much as I keep my public space small I love talking, I don’t mind meeting new people but I really don’t find people or friends. Yet I can be friends with any strangers I found in the street.  I’m very short type of person. The type that will stand at the end of the lines in the picture. I never be tall. As short like only 150cm plus minus. Not that fat, but I have fat.  Not skinny type or petite. Ada lemak sana sini. Buncit dan gendut. Lol. I have a round face. I really love my eyes. People like my lips and nose. I have full lips. Kening lebat la seakan bersambung. I have mold in my left cheek. I have really nice hair, I can say that. You know cheek line, entahla dekat pipi ada line mcm contour. I have original line that makes me love my cheek.

And that's a brief about myself. This post should be posted on 1 February, tapi busy tidur. Jadi post la 4 haribulan. Lepas post ni akan post 3 post asing untuk 2-4 haribulan sekali. Stay tune people.  


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