The Best Kind of People

Hi December.
This post I dedicate to every friends, every person that support me behind my back or anywhere around the world even through dua'.

I have the best kind of best friend or support system, I would say.
That kind of people yang tahu aku pada tahap most vulnerable and they would say "Mi, pergi ambik wudhu. solat." "But I don't know what to ask Him" "Just go. Tak perlu minta apa-apa. Just talk to him"

The kind yang akan ada bila aku perlukan. Tahap bila-bila je aku call akan angkat. 2 AM or 2 PM. They will be there for me.

Yang akan ada depan rumah aku dalam masa 15minit once aku cakap "I need a break" "I need to go somwhere. Babe, help" They would be there instantly for me.

Yang sanggup drive for miles tanpa hala tuju hanya nak make sure aku okay. The one who will take a long way back home just because they know I'm the kind of person who love night and long trip in the car (usually MSL would do this).

I have that kind of  BEST best friend, BEST boyfriend, BEST support system that I could ask for.

How would you know they are my best friend? My best friend usually will called me with "Mi" or "Ami" and they will never called me Asmidar.

If you guys ever read this, THANK YOU. Thank you for staying. Thank you for always be there whenever I need. Thank you for everything that I never can pay back. Thank you for all the time and love. Thank you for the warm hug. Thank you for the long ride. Thank you for the laugh and memories. Thank you for letting me cry. Thank you for helping me grow stronger. Thank you for being there and thank you for making sure that I'm always in a good shape and alive. Thank you.