Review : Inside Out (Movie)

Have you guys ever watched Inside Out? It was cute and amazing movie. I love the movie. Have you ever wonder what is happening inside your brain or body or your veins or your heart or your stomach. How it works? I always curious. And I always imagine about little creature that works inside our body. The one we can't see. And how it effect our behavior. That is the reasons I take psychology, I think. Ehe. But yeah about the movie. It's really inspiring.
The purple one is FEAR , green : DISGUST , blue: SADNESS, yellow: JOY and red : ANGER
It's about life. How actually our brain or specifically our cognitive function effect our behavior. Obviously it's a psychology terms. In this movie,  they are basically 5 basics emotions controlling our emotions, cognitive functions and effect how we behave. In this movie, they all in Riley minds. The 5 basics emotions are Joy,  Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. Ya. Study proven, they were 5 basics emotion that we all have. *dalam psikologi sosial ada. Motivasi emosi ada. Its so fun to watch them work!

And they have a long term memories. Core memories that develop personalities. When the memories were fading, they go to unforgetable place. They also have something called Imagination Land and Dream Production. Also subconscious mind. All cognitive terms that I learn in Cognitive Psychology.  The movie really fascinating. Its so fun watching the movie, it's like you can imagine the neurotransmitter, neuron everything in your brain is working. It's prove how our emotion changing,  how our attitude changes by age because of our cognitive function is working. The truth is ; beside biological function, cognitive function also effect our behavior. In development psychology we study about human development from prenatal - infant - children - adolescence- adulthood and die. The development from 3 basics component : biological, cognitive and socioemotions. I love psychology development so much.
If you want to find something inspiring you can watch this cute movie. Even you don't like sadness. Its our basic emotions we need the 5 basic emotions to make us who we are. Fear to keep us safe. You need Anger . The only thing you need is to know how to control your emotions.

Btw, 18 Feb result degree keluar, UiTM, UKM dan lain-lain universiti. biasala mesti ada tweet begitu begini. Aku da masuk tahun kedua. Satu perkara sahaja yang aku perlu tekankan; Teruskan hidup. Walau apapun keputusan. Perasaan kecewa, sedih pasti ada.
I know that feeling. Bila tak pernah dapat 3.5 ke bawah, been one of the best and brightest student in your batch. Tiba-tiba masuk degree dapat bawah 3.5 even you've work your hardest. Kecewanya. 

Tapi masa kat degree lain, when your result less than what you expected. You move on and work harder. That's the only way to make it better.
Perasaan tu sekejap je sebab first result masa degree, if you did well masa asasi/stpm/dip/matriks. Well it's good. But bear in mind, once da masuk degree. Letak semua result lepas bawah katil. Mulakan azam baru, strategi baru, misi baru dengan kejayaan baru. Result tu hanya kayu ukur sejauh mana kau usaha dan sebanyak mana kau harus tambah. Doa jangan pernah kurang. Selain usaha, doa adalah perkara paling berkuasa. Move on and work harder. and stop comparing yourself with others. The only competitors is yourself. Bersaing la dengan diri sendiri. Okay!