Just For Once

Just for once.

Will you ever let me go? Have you ever feel afraid of losing me? What if one day I'm no longer here. What if I'm gone forever. This is not a post to seek an attention. It a questions. The questions I always wonder. Sometimes, even people who always be there, the one you thought will never leave you. Leave. Because you take them for granted.Because at some point, they will get tired. They will giving up because fighting alone in a battlefield is not that easy. I might kill 100 people in the battle yet I might died being killed by 1 person because I'm tired. I've tried the best yet I'm not that strong. And I'm lose. I'm not asking too much. I will always be there. I will give everything you need. Is that not enough? If you don't want to lose anyone just one thing you got to do. Appreciate them. Don't ever take someone for granted. 

Yeah blog da updated! Holla stalker! haha Happy?


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