A Love Letter to MSL 365 days with love

"...This is my love letter for you,
I still remember the first time I ever saw you laugh. You look so happy that time. I tengok dari belakang. Yes. I still remember that moment.
I boleh recall lagi the time I nampak you tunggu I kat lrt masa first date kita. Dan I masih rasa selesa untuk berbual dan bercerita dengan you sama dari first date kita sampai sekarang.
I masih ingat juga betapa susahnya I nak terima some part of you. Your life ans everything. But eventually, your flaws make me love you more and more everyday.
I love the way you laugh out loud. I love the way you eat. I love the way you talk about dota. I love the way you explain something to me. I still remember the terms NKVE. Yes I love everything about you. It comforts me in a lot of way.
I ingat lagi our first movie ever, Hunger Games. And you makan nasi ayam. Dan masa tu la kita ada first pic together.
I love when you take my picture. Candid. Seriously. Selalu bila balik date and you send all those candid pictures, I love it. And honestly, masa kat kedai buku, masa I tgah kusyuk buat something I betul tak sedar you candid gambar I. You got the perfect angle. Always.
The first time ever I teman you shopping. I ingat lagi. That was the exact time and date where I decided "I've set my eyes on you" I perhati setiap tindakan you dan I fall in love with your way.
I love the way you care and comforts me.
I love our late night conversations. I love how soothing your voice sounds to me. Thanks for everything. I mean, for everything. Susah senang. Thanks for always stay. And the most important thing thanks for loving me. Let's pray and hope for the best for the future. I want it to be more than 365 days, I want it to be forever. I don't want to lose you. I don't want you to be just a part of my past or present, but I want you to be there in my future."


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