Salam Semua Untuk Awak Jiran !

Salam all.

I know we have nothing to do each other before , but since you will go far from here, not so far but still far . and I don't know when we can meet again . I hope fate will fares you better.
Hai Encik Jiran ! H bukan nama sebenar .

Since you moved here we never talk to each other .
But I heard a lot and a lot about you from my family .
My mom ,my dad, my grandma , my siblings .
And yes they care about you .
They actually like you .
I always heard how tidy and clean you are .
How generous you are .
and how friendly you are , but ...
we never talk to each other .
sometimes I said 'poyo gila dia ni'
I don't know what you think about me .
But I just feel awkward when you are around .
You like a brother to my siblings but you look like a 'jiran bujang poyo' to me.

Since you will move out .
I feel like I should make a peace .*even we never had a fight
but all the jelingan tak puas hati harus dihentikan .
even just with this sweet post .
Don't you think it sweet ?
yela ... bukan apa .
since you was to nice with my family ..
anggap la ni macam tanda penghargaan . eh . hehe
Now I don't need to worry if I want to go to my grandma house at 2 a.m without wearing my tudung .
fuhhhh .
Will I miss you ?. herm . We will see.
But you such a good neighbour to my mom , my grandma and my siblings.
I really hope fate will fare you better there .
and kalau kahwin jangan lupa jemput .

I'd really like to come if you are married and see how your wife look like hehehe.

p/s: lagu ni mungkin akan bermakna untuk saya kalau nanti saya pula akan tinggalkan orang yang sayang ~ dan pergi jauh dari sini.


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