Little Notes 3 : Handle With Care

May peace be upon you . well I'm currently at my school canteen.
Read the label carefully .
like seriously ..
I mess up everything .
I'm just overthinking...
When I'm sad , hungry and sick ..I can be too loud  . really loud .
but when I'm overthinking , under pressure and angry I can be too silent .... and people will wonder why..

I'm just tired , exhausted , dying ..
Tired to pretend like I'm okay .

Dealing with the past , Living the present and fighting for the future is what I'm currently do right now.
It just too much to bear ..too much to share ..too much to think .....

tapi 'ALLAH SWT takkan menguji hambaNya lebih dari kemampuannya '
currently at the most critical phase of life .
Pray for me Pray for me Pray for me. 

Please Handle With Care . Can you ??


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