Cerebrum Fevret 7 : Don't Kick The Chair

Have you ever felt like everbody's watching *_*
Waiting for you to lose :?
Have you ever felt like you're living in spotlight 
Searching for the real you.
Tell me have you ever woken up.Just to wish you could close your eyes 8_8
Getting hard to find a friend in city like this .
Where you can't even just trust a smile :)

Ada je orang tak suka kita . bak kata kak hanis zalikha .You can't make everybody like you .You don't even like everybody .spot light yang sangat terang .. yes.
There are lonely nights when you see no hope 
And you're feeling short of breathe .
Like a whole damn word is a braided rope
In a noose surround your neck .
ada je rasa macam ni .
Don't kick the chair ~~
it's gonna get better .
Don't kick the chair
It can only get better .

yes . It is . It can .
Have you ever felt love , really really felt love,
The kind that could save your life 
But right before you know it you find out in a moment 
You're gonna have to say goodbye
 Yes I am . really really .
But .... I have to say goodbye .
I did . So what's the problem . Nak aku buat apa lagi ?
I did move on . Ingat senang ke ?? I did let it go .

Yep yep you know .
If I can make it through then you can too.
Yep yep I'm good focus like always.
Feels like I've been hit hit hit by ten brick walls 
Some people like to just sit sit and wait for you to fall
Then bound back way quicker than you fell down
Laugh in their face like what 
See nothing can break me .
NO NO NO NO! Listen 

If you gotta think twice about life 
Some really ain't right 
You don't need no help 
You can be better all by yourself .

I said to myself I can be better I can . Yes I am .
Everythings gonna be fine . Everything will be okay !



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