The reason why I'm REBLOGGING .

May peace be upon you peeps .
Yes . I'm letting it go . Let it all go . Go away . I should . If I'm not , by all thats mean I'm hurting myself. Just let everthing go , Dear Heart . Dah jangan simpan lagi . sakit kan??? Lepaskanlah .Ikhlaskanlah . Mereka tak rasa apa-apa , kau saja yang menderita .Ikhlaskan segala perasaan . Ikhlaskan . Lepaskanlah dengan reda sayang . Biarkan ia pergi . 
' Let's fate fare you better'.

. That's me . I'm a loud person. I'm a happy go lucky girl who will smile untill my cheeks hurt if I'm happy .but if I go silent .  . That's mean I'm sad . I can't stop thinking about something . Something that bothers me inside and out. 
'I'm finding solace in my own iron jail so please stay outta my way'

I miss you . Yes I do . So much . But I just keep it to myself cause I'm afraid that you might not feel the same . I'm just afraid . Afraid of myself . Afraid that you will go again . Afraid that I'm not gonna hear your voice again . Babe , I'm afraid . I still care but I have to pretend like I don't. Again . I'm afraid . That you will think that I'm desperately cheap . I want to pain a good girl in your book . I always want to keep everything same . The late night conversation . The goodnight wish . The song you sing . I just want to keep drawing my line BOLD . So that I won't cross my own line . 
' I'm afraid of losing you again'

You know that you're the one who make me smile untill my cheeks hurt . You might hurt me . You make me intoxicating overdose . You might make me sad . But trust me dear , you never make me cry . I thought so . Ya . I'm pretty sure .I still have your name painted in my favourite books . It's hard when you just come for a second and go for years . Nevermind , I still have HIM . Don't worry about me . 
' I've always have HIM . HE will always be here by my side . Come hell or high water .Allah SWT is enough for me'

I never want but if I have to..............
I hope I can say Hi again . 

'The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy'

Babe ... Sorry for grammartical error. I'm not good at it . I'm still learning . But I guess it's not a big deal . babe .... I'm not a perfect person . I'm still growing up .Not a girl anymore yet not a woman . Everythings is getting more complicated . I hate that . Babe .....You're the best listener and Romeo I've ever met . You also the most macho and sweet boy I've ever met . Just ... I hope fate will fare you better in future . May Allah Bless you .

Regards, your one and only midot ;')


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