Cerebrum Memories 1 : NATIONAL LIBRARY

Why cerebrum memories? Because cerebrum is part of our brain . Cerebrum is a centre for 

i)receiving and interpreting impulses from sensory neurones.
ii)initiating motor responses
iii)mental abilities like learning ,memorizing , reasoning,speech,thinking and personality traits
iv) controlling voluntary actions which are under conscious control and involves voluntary muscles, for example , walking, running, writing, and singing.

13 Februari 2013. Perpustakaan Negara , Nono queuing up for photostat.
an hour later . She still queuing up .
Sebab yang kerja situ haritu abang tu seorang je selalu ada dua orang kakak .
Me and Mary decided to buy a card for photostat RM19 for 200 copy .It's worth compared to our energy wasted queing up~

 suddenly ... a moment .
Yup . mula-mula tak faham , tapi bila fikir . ada masa kita tak boleh nak just give up je , kita perlu juga perjuangkan kebahagiaan kita sendiri .
"Takpelah biarlah" sometimes GOOD sometimes NOT .

*I start to draw and doodle back (i know i'm not that talented). but I hope .after this , I won't stop and give up on the  things I like to do(anymore).


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