Dec 18, 2012

Dear Awak...

Dear awak , 
Berubah memang tak mudah , berubah perlu pengorbanan ... Tapi hasilnya manis , semanis gula kapas .. Hadapilah dengan tenang , walau jalannya penuh duri , penuh airmata ...Berusahalah .. Jangan toleh belakang lagi ...Bermujahadalah . sama-sama kita berusaha ..
Saya redha ..
Allah tahu apa yang terbaik buat kita ..

Bersabarlah sayang .
Tempuhlah dengan redha dan tabah ..
Semoga satu hari nanti kita akan jumpa apa yang kita mahukan ..

Semoga nanti kita sama peroleh cinta ilahi ..
Semoga satu hari nanti kita berada dalam keberkatanNya .
Biarlah sakit sementara ..
Biarlah susah sementara ..

Redha lah :)
Terimalah dengan hati terbuka ...
Kita tempuh bersama .
Biar air mata ini air mata yang mendapat pahala .
Berjalanlah ..Berusahalah ..Tabahlah ..
Semoga Allah sentiasa melindungimu ..

Doaku mengiringi di setiap langkahmu ...
Moga kita sama mendapat redha Ilahi :) May Allah bless . May Allah ease .  Ikhlaskan lah semuanya :)

Dec 5, 2012

Easy NO Possible YES

May peace be upon you :)
Salam and Hello all.

Dear you , whoever you are ..Listen and understand the lyrics . This is all about me.

Smile in the two- way mirror of my eyes,I put on my faith like I wear a disguise,You can't see my soul,See the life that I live,Show you the mask of the best I can give,I've hid here afraid like a child behind.Truth of my thoughts that clutter my mind.What if you knew about all that I do?(seriously saya takut )Things that I think,The me that is true.
Would you call me a hypocrite?Call me a liar?Would you curse out my name?Would you damn me to fire?Would you know what to say?Or would you just walk away?Afraid the me I've tried to hid,eWould you closely resemble the truth of you that lies inside?
I've been looking for answers since becoming an adult,Not looking for dogma to live like a cult,I've been looking to live,I've been living to find,Freedom from cages that limit my mind.
Will I scare you, upset you, frustrate you, irate you?Challenge a lifestyle or weaken your trust,Or will you see my efforts and my passionate sincerity,Would you see just a little of yourself in me,Will you take off your mask so we can both be free.

Just listen and understand . Dealing with the past , and living the present and fighting for the future . Easy NO Possible YES. Life is a matter of learning anyway . To get the best of the deal is to get out the best partner .
I trust God . He will understand . He will always be my side . How bout you ? If you knew all the truth about me and my past will you stay by my side ? Accept me for who I am . See my efforts? And will you still holding my hand or just left me behind ? 
Tell me . Will you be with me ? Guide me all the way and bring me straight to syurga ? Will you ?

Dec 2, 2012

This Is For You .

May peace be upon you .

You are  the one who introduced me to Hlovate world . Hlovate the one who inspired me a lot . To changes to be someone better . To make me realize who I want to be , what I want to do . Where I want to go . From you because of you . Allah SWT show me the light . Kesan dia sangat dalam . Cry and laugh at the same time . Love and friend . I wish one day I can find my "ending" or my wonderwall . And you are part of my wonderwall I really thank to Allah SWT , because of Him I know you , I know Hlovate . Sincerely me . To my dearest sis : Aqilah Mohd. Uhibukifillah .

Credit to Hlovate masterpiece . Who inspired me a lot . I can feel apart of me inside the novel . Thanks to Allah SWT  .
Thanks to Maryam Jamilah yang pinjamkan VERSUS & Rooftop Rant . I really appreciate that . Bagi saya yang rasmikan . Thank you so much for everything .

Ya Allah , show me the way . Guide me to the one who can guide me and love me . Amin :)
May Allah bless my dearest . Love: Me .