This Is For You .

May peace be upon you .

You are  the one who introduced me to Hlovate world . Hlovate the one who inspired me a lot . To changes to be someone better . To make me realize who I want to be , what I want to do . Where I want to go . From you because of you . Allah SWT show me the light . Kesan dia sangat dalam . Cry and laugh at the same time . Love and friend . I wish one day I can find my "ending" or my wonderwall . And you are part of my wonderwall I really thank to Allah SWT , because of Him I know you , I know Hlovate . Sincerely me . To my dearest sis : Aqilah Mohd. Uhibukifillah .

Credit to Hlovate masterpiece . Who inspired me a lot . I can feel apart of me inside the novel . Thanks to Allah SWT  .
Thanks to Maryam Jamilah yang pinjamkan VERSUS & Rooftop Rant . I really appreciate that . Bagi saya yang rasmikan . Thank you so much for everything .

Ya Allah , show me the way . Guide me to the one who can guide me and love me . Amin :)
May Allah bless my dearest . Love: Me .


Syaza Syfa said…
Hai kak Mida . Nice to meet you at here . Kenal saya ? :)

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