HUNGRY make you ANGRY and lead you to be CRAZY.

Assalamualaikum . Sunat memberi salam wajib menjawabnya :)

  • Okay . Im finished reading my first english novel for the rest of my eighteen-years old life. The book cover design  has nachos on it..nyumnyummm. The tittle is 'Free Thaddeus' .. and it was soooooo AWESOME for my first ever english  novel besides ...english comprehension text book in my english class. lol.

  • Still not make my BI result changes from A-to an A+ ...even my grammar still like disaster which I still confused where I supposed to use has and had, or in what circumstances that I should put the word 's or without 's . .but at least I practice.. a lot also at my work place . May my efforts will help me in the future.

  • No preview related available. Saya perkenan nak letak gambar saya dalam cube box ni kat sini tetapi memandangkan ia terlalu terangan menunjukkan bahawa saya seorang yg sangat obses pada diri sendiri jadi niat itu tidak diteruskan . 

  • Dan terfikir untuk membeli sebuah diari that  not-so-called diary but more to 'A PLANNER'. Cause diary is so-called for someone who in love which is Im not into that situation but more to 'IN LOVE' with my life's and things I do rather than busy-ing thinking about how complicated my opposite sex that also known as MALE or MAN or BOY .... when they are in love or thinking and bothering about 'anak orang'. ouh maybe not now for me at least.*Do you understand what I mean ?

  • Hingus meleleh adalah keadaan yang tak pernah disukai sesiapa kecuali kartun jepun bangang namanya Shin Chan ~

  • Dan akan meneruskan membaca dengan buku yg berharga RM28.00 berjudul 'Wadah Cinta Solehah' .. 

last but not least , its look like I will buy more and more English novel no matter how much ringgit it takes from my pockets. Gonna share this pictures just for FUN . kbai.