Hey Girls , You Are Beautiful ! Just read this:)

Nothing lasts forever .Again someones leave me . It was so sad and terrible . But I just can have the best wishes for him . 

Im Fine . Im Okay . Im doing Great .
Don't bother. Don't Worries . Don't Ask.
Just be happy with your world . I will too with mine . Just remember that we have memories together .
For those who always stay right besides me I Love You  . Maybe I don't know You .Maybe you just read my stories . But its mean a lot to me . I can't describe with word how thankful I am .
I think this picture just don't need any description ;)

Here some notes for my girls : Girls , If your Boyfriends cheating on you , Leave him . Its nothing to wait anymore . If your Guy Best Friends leave you for someone he loves , Let him be . Just don't be sad if he doesn't spend time with you like it used to be .Just have the best wishes for them . Short or Long they had make you laugh and Rock your world !

Just don't think too much Girls . Don't bother about something that not yours and never be yours.
There were so many boys in the world . You will get one of them one day . Just be patient and wait . Love yourself first , then everything will fall into line  . Just loves anyone who treats  you right .

Being Single doesn't mean you are Lonely .Don't worries you will never going to die without boys . Trust me .But don't hate them You always need them to protect you !

Im write based on my experience . Tiada yg benar melainkan yg benar belaka  hehehXD

p/s: I Love You ..always dude ! And I miss our conversation  . I really did . 


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