Feb 21, 2017

2017 : February Challenge #21

Day 21 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

21 February 2017 Write “I Love You” ten times. Feel free to decorate the pages around the word.  

2017: February Challenge #20

Day 20 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

20 February 2017 Spend 15 minutes in silence focusing on one positive attribute of yourself. Write about it.

One positive attribute. Yes. Just right my lecturer just mention what actually positive vibes. The most positive thing I can see in myself is be happy. The moment people see you they feel happy. They feel happy being around you. I see a happier girl when she got out from her toxic relationship and meet a new guy. Whatever kind of guy or people you being around with should be that kind of person that makes you feel happy about yourself, make you love yourself more and make you want to be better for yourself. I just want to be happy, the best version of myself and if I look deeper. I actually loved by a lot of people, people like to talk to me, girls or boys, I build trust around people. And I really love being happy and pretty it’s like when I’m feeling good about myself people around me also feel good being around me.

Feb 19, 2017

2017: February Challenge #19

Day 19 of February Challenge: Love Yourself

19 February 2017 Write down a positive memory from the past year that made you feel good.

Honestly, it wasn’t a good year for me. It was emotional and challenging. If I need to recall a positive memory that make me feel good, it must be the time I become Cikgu Ganti, sekejap je pun.  Almost a month or less. I’m just so lucky to have that chance. That good feeling bila sampai sekolah and student bagi salam “Assalamualaikum cikgu” you fee needed and respected. I always want to feel appreciated. Even I don’t get along much with the teachers but I have a really good time with the student. I received quite a few gifts when I said it was my last day there. Now, if I go to school they still remember me. Raya tahun lepas tak best. HAHA. Even my birthday. I just can recall a few good memories like Klebang, I hope I can have more positive and good memory this year!

2017: February Challenge #18

Day 18 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

18 February 2017 Write down the name of one person you need to forgive and why – the forgive them.

This is too personal, so I can’t write the name here or even why. I forgive them.

2017: February Challenge #17

Day 17 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

17 February 2017 Exercise today. Write about how you felt before, during and after the workout.

So, actually I decided to go jogging around the lake nearby my house but something came up and I got to go to UKM. I just came back home at 1:30PM and I sleep afterwards. I didn’t remember what time I got up but that time I was really tired and feel sleepy and just not in the mood. Then, I realize it’s too late to go out and decided to just do the Fat Burn Workout that I used watched and do when I was in UKM in the process of getting fit. I rarely do it now because I’m too lazy. How I felt before the exercise, as I mentioned earlier. I feel tired and weak and lazy. During the workout I feel like my heart is pumped out, it’s been a long time and semput everywhere try to catch my breath. After workout, I feel happy and energetic. I don’t feel sleepy and slow as much. That is how you should feel after exercise or workout right. It’s good.  I hope I always be rajin to do this again haha.

2017 : February Challenge #16

Day 6 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

16 February 2017  Write a note to yourself that explains why you are fabulous! Promise to read it in 5 years.

Hye dearself. Did you know that you are fabulous? Yes you are. Why? Because you are smart girl, you are independent, you are optimist and ambitious. If you want something and when you put your mind into it you really can do it. You are pretty you know. You just need to be confident. People will love you once they know you. You are always loved and popular among your friend. You are known as very chatty person, even you look silly and little bit crazy and it’s annoying sometimes but that is the fun thing about being around you. You are very talented type of person. Inspiring. You are a lot fun than you realize, that is why you are fabulous. I promise I will read this in 5 years.